About Us

Bhoomi Nursery, Rajamundry (Andhra Pradesh) based business entity, is acknowledged for providing varieties of Nursery Products. The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting all types of Nursery Products .
Bhoomi Nursery is Kadiyam’s locally owned and operated Suppliers of all kinds of Avenue trees, Palm Varieties, Bamboo varieties, Shrubs, Groundcovers, Ornamental and Imported Plants. Our highly experienced and diverse staff has helped us achieve this leadership position.

100% quality

We take pride in the quality and value of our plants and services. And we make every effort to ensure that they measure up to the highest possible standards.

Our Vision

  • To reach the exact expectations of the clients.
  • To maintain long-term relationship with our esteemed clients.
  • To Adopt ethical business practices.

Why Choose Us!!!

Our Mission

To provide unsurpassed products at competitive pricing which consistently exceeds the expectations of our clients. To foster an enjoyable, positive, and dynamic work culture for all of our Clients so they reach and exceed their goals in a fulfilling experience. To give back – to the communities in which we live and work, to the environment with low impact solutions, and by educating industry leaders, professionals and the public about the benefits of plants.

Superior-Quality Plants

We handpick plants that can easily adapt to the environment where they’re planted and teach you how to keep them pest and disease-free.

Diverse Varieties

From Imported plants, flowering plants to big trees that offer shade, we offer an incredible range of plants to choose from.

Bhoomi Nursery is experienced in large-scale landscaping projects and realestate ventures. We take equal care in creating a beautiful exterior look for your office or home. Even after many years, one thing never changes: our passion for creating the most desirable environment for every office, hospital, school, technology facility, financial institution, hotel, retail store, or your home. We create an environment where you can work, play, and grow too. Without plants, most species on earth cannot survive. The air we breathe and the food we eat both depend on the very existence of plant life on our planet. We use plants to build our homes, cloth our bodies and one in six plants are used for their medicinal properties. The people of Bhoomi Nursery are their ambassadors, advocates, and biggest fans.

Core Values We Live

We appreciate and care for our clients and do everything within reason to ensure their satisfaction. We respect individuality and celebrate individual strengths, allowing each person’s contributions to bloom and flourish. We consider our suppliers and business associates to be our valued partners, working collaboratively to maintain mutually beneficial relationships. We eagerly seek out new ideas and encourage innovation to bloom to deliver the highest quality products and services at a value unmatched by our competitors.

We Supply All-India

If you’re not around closer do not worry, we are fully equipped to cater to clients all across India in almost every available state, but in bulk quantities.

Dedicated Assistance

Apart from offering the best quality crops in the market, we can also guide you in the process of planting and growing them, the right way.


Our Varieties

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